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In Avatar, the trees of the planet are all connected by roots. They are able to communicate and feel between all the trees on the planet. This is a physical connection that clearly shows how they are connected.

Here on Earth, we are also connected. It is not by a physical connection, but every single action, thought, expression is passed and received by others and in turn passed along to every other human on the planet.

As we walk through our lives, everything we do is observed. To varying degrees, everyone around us is influenced by our actions. Some are directly impacted and our consciousness is impacted with emotions which may even be converted to actions. Some are not quite as directly impacted – but our subconscious at least notices, and it makes a permanent mark within our minds which will over time contribute to our overall self.

Lets say we are in Times Square in New York. There are thousands of people there, all living their individual lives, thinking their thoughts. Heading somewhere. Talking to someone. Texting on their phone. On one corner of the street, a man is asking for money. Someone gives him a dollar. Those two are directly impacted by that interaction. Around them, the people walking see this kindness. They all have thoughts about that interaction. Some think how nice that was, and may have a smile on their face. Some may think negatively about the beggar and those contributing. This interaction will cause small changes in the behaviour and thoughts of those that witnessed it. Some people will pass by and just see something happened, but not sure what. As all these people continue walking along, the changes in their demeanor are immediately displayed. Perhaps by being a little nicer to those they pass, giving a smile. Maybe holding a door open. Some that had negative thoughts may have slight alterations as well. Perhaps they snap at the waiter. Have a little less patience with their partner. Those that are impacted by this changed behaviour are now included in the action of that person who gave the dollar. They too, will have changes to their thoughts. Positively and negatively, these small interactions occur all around us, all day long, everywhere we go. Connecting us to everyone around us, and everyone around the world.

This is why taking care of our mind and our Selves is so important. We can only love others as much as we love ourselves. We can only give as much as we have. If we don’t think too much of ourselves, how can we think much of others? If we do not love ourself, how can we love another? It is not possible to give what we do not have.

The more love we have for ouselves, the more we care for ourself, the more love and care we will be equipped to pass out as we interact with others in the world. If we do not take care of ourselves, and have little love and poor health regarding our self concept, we will pass small negatives to others in our interactions , bringing down the whole of humanity. This is ok, we all go through hard times, but having the realization that each of us contributes the overall whole of the emotion of the planet.

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